Cougar Council

Cougar Council Responsibilities

Prepare Activities 

  • An elementary student council helps plan activities for its school and classes. These activities vary depending on what the student council decides. Under adult supervision, the student council will come up with activity ideas, vote on the ones it will implement, plan all aspects of the activity and then run the activity. Elementary school activities are fun for the council to plan.  All activities planned and carried out by elementary student councils are approved by the teachers and administrators of the school and are assisted by adults.


  • All activities need some sort of money to run. The elementary student council is responsible for finding this money by holding fundraisers. The council must decide on the right fundraiser for the school and plan it accordingly. Fundraisers can range from bake sales to walk-a-thons and other types of fundraisers. Elementary students can take advantage of fundraisers to help promote their school and its activities. All fundraisers are carefully monitored by adults.