Parking Lot Traffic/Safety Information




When you are dealing with hundreds of students every day of the school year, making sure everyone arrives or departs school safely is a huge job. That is why everyone should be involved, from adults to kids.


Thank you for observing our school parking lot safety rules when driving your children to and from school. As a reminder, we would like to repeat the rules for everyone.


When coming to school or leaving school please do not cross Vintage near the exit driveway of the school.  This area does not have a crosswalk and it models inappropriate behavior for our students.     

   It is a blind spot location and very unsafe.  Please model good behavior by continuing down to the  

  crosswalk located at Vintage and Sierra Crestview Loop.


Children are not allowed to be dropped off, unsupervised, before 7:50 A.M. as there is no staff on duty for  

them before that time.

Please use the student drop off lane, and not the parking lot, for student drop off. The parking lot should only be used for parking.

Pull as far forward as possible when dropping students off or when picking them up. The loading and unloading zone (yellow curb) is east of the administration building just past the crosswalk.  Please remain in your car, and do not park in the yellow, during morning and afternoon drop-off/pick-up as this creates congestion and slows our traffic flow.  

Please drop students off on the curb east of the administration building as far forward as possible.

Children should get out of the vehicle on the yellow curbside facing the school.

Students should never be allowed to walk through the parking lot without an adult escort, and crosswalks should be used when crossing the parking lot at all times.

When walking children from the parking lot to the school buildings please use the crosswalk rather than crossing between cars in the drop off lane. We ask that adults/guardians supervise their children when students use the crosswalks in and around our school campus.  It is important to model for children the rules we expect them to follow.

Follow traffic regulations when driving on the streets near or around the school. 


For student safety, the city posted a no left-hand turn sign at the east driveway of the school on Sierra Crest View Loop. Left-hand turns are not allowed between 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 2:00-3:00 p.m. During these hours enter the school by driving south on Sierra Crest View Loop making a right hand turn into the school.


Please do not park beside red curbs. We have several students on campus that may require emergency support. We need these areas to be open for emergency vehicles. 


Remember to be patient. It is impossible to have more than 500 or more cars converge in one area, in a period of fifteen minutes, without having traffic. Be polite, patient and wait your turn.

Please be courteous to school personnel if they make a request, or remind you of the traffic rules. Children learn to respect authority, including the authority of their parents, by seeing their family members demonstrate respectful behavior toward others.


******Please share this information with others who drive your children to school*******


Thank you for supporting us in keeping all of our children at Caryn Elementary safe!


Mr. Tavolazzi, Principal, Caryn Elementary