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Revised: May 2016


The staff of Caryn Elementary School is dedicated to the development of all students who through problem solving experiences, physical fitness and overall academic excellence will demonstrate the skills necessary to be productive citizens showing personal accountability and sensitivity for themselves and a global society.


Welcome to Caryn Elementary School! The staff and I are looking forward to a rewarding school year. We have prepared this handbook so that we may enhance understanding and cooperation among the school community. Please visit our school, attend our programs, and become an active volunteer in the PTA and other school programs. We believe that a safe and secure learning environment is essential if students are to attain their personal and academic goals. Let us work together to make Caryn Elementary School a safe and secure place for children to work and learn. Please take time to read this handbook thoroughly, review the contents with your child, and return the signed acknowledgment form.


The child, the parent, and the teacher assume responsibility for a student's education. It is important that each participant sense the dignity of the educational process and agree to support the other two in their efforts to make school responsive to working and learning.

Each STUDENT will assume responsibility for the following:

  • Obey the general rules of the school.
  • Have regular attendance and be on time.

Put forth his/her best effort in order to learn the grade level skills.

  • Complete classroom assignments and homework and, return it to the teacher.
  • Follow standards of appropriate dress.
  • Take all written communications home and return them with parent's signature, as necessary.

PARENTS will be sensitive to the following responsibilities:

  • Make sure the child's attendance is regular and punctual.
  • Review with the child his/her homework assignments and see that they are returned to the teacher.
  • Support standards of appropriate dress.
  • Support the policy of maintaining appropriate behavior.
  • Participate in school sponsored activities.
  • Sign and reply to all school correspondence as requested.

TEACHERS will assume responsibility for the following:

  • Develop each student's potential to the fullest possible level.
  • Adhere to the district policies and professionalism.
  • Determine student’s level of skills and prescribe programs to meet their needs.
  • Inform parents of student progress.
  • Be responsive to student and parent concerns.
  • Implement the district curriculum.
  • Facilitate lessons aligned to California Performance Standards.




California State Law requires that all children must be 5 years of age on or before September 2 of that year before they enter school. There are no exceptions. Transitional Kindergarten is available for children whose birthday falls between July 1 and September 1. Official birth verification, updated immunizations and a dental check are required for entrance to kindergarten. All continuing students must have official birth verification and current immunization records; in addition, all first grade students must have a physical exam. Residency verification is a requirement of all enrollees. Residency verification is required annually if the parent is not the homeowner of the residence.


School attendance is mandatory and defined by California State Law. Student illness, bereavement for an immediate family member, quarantine, student medical appointments, and parental jury duty or court appearances are considered “excused absences”. All other absences are unexcused. The school appreciates the effort extended in having your child attend any portion of a day when full attendance is not possible. We are required by State Law to verify each absence as to illness or non-illness. Verification does not excuse a student’s absence. Once again, this is defined by state law. A phone call to the school office on the day of your child's absence, or a note to the school on the day of your child's return is required to verify the nature of the absence. Please call the school attendance line at (909) 803-3006 in the event of your child’s absence.

The principal may follow up on students with excessive absences. Education Code Section 48293 provides up to a $500.00 fine if the School Attendance & Review Board (SARB) finds a parent or guardian guilty in not complying with the compulsory education laws. Attendance is every ones obligation. Attendance is the first step in having all children meeting and exceeding California standards. Extended absences for vacation or other purposes are not recommended. If a situation does arise which requires an extended absence, please contact school office for an independent study contract.


Students who miss less than 30 minutes of school regardless of the time of day are considered late. Students arriving after the 8:15 AM start bell are considered late and must secure a late pass before going to class. Children leaving school before 2:45 PM are considered picked-up early and must be checked out through the office. Both are recorded in the student’s attendance file.

Students who miss more than 30 minutes of school regardless of the time of day are considered truant from school. Children arriving after 8:45 AM are truant and must secure a late pass before going to class. Children leaving school early are considered truant with exception of the student’s doctor’s appointment. Any child who arrives late or leaves school for a doctor’s appointment is required to have a doctor’s note returned to the office otherwise the student is considered truant. Please make every attempt to have your child arrive on time and remain in school for the entire day. In the case of frequent tardiness, the principal will contact the parents. Tardiness and excessive absences may be referred to the School Attendance & Review Board (SARB).

If it is necessary for your child to leave school early, the child’s parent or guardians is required to come and sign the child out through the office. Students may not be released to minor children. This is to provide maximum protection for your child. A prior note to the teacher or a phone call to the office is appreciated. If it is necessary for someone other than those listed on the emergency card to pick-up your child from school, (s)he must have written authorization from the child’s parent or guardian. Proper identification will be requested and is required for all adults signing out a student.


Great care is considered for all students and their learning opportunities. In order to accomplish uninterrupted quality learning time, it is important that students are prepared when leaving the home. Since numerous interruptions disrupt the instructional program for all students, classrooms will not be interrupted for non-emergency reasons. Please discuss lunch program, appointments, and after school arrangements before your child goes to school or before you are in the drop-off lane. Please make sure that they have their homework, money, band instrument, library book or other items before they leave home. We do realize that children may forget items or emergencies do occur, and change is required. If items are brought to the office, they will be placed in the teacher’s box and picked up at the child’s recess time. Every attempt will be made to deliver non emergency messages in a timely manner but only when it will not disrupt the classroom. Remember there is movement of classes during the day and depending on the time of day, delivery of messages may take time. Last minute or end-of-the-day messages are difficult to deliver so please plan ahead. Birthday balloons, flowers, and gifts are a disruption at any time and will not be delivered. Your child will be instructed to pick them up after school in the office.


Please keep the school informed. Notify the school immediately if there is a change in your child’s information such as: home address, parents’ home, work or cell phone number, day care provider, or emergency contacts. This information is especially important in case your child becomes ill or injured during the school day or in an emergency disaster.


Caryn Elementary School is a closed campus. ALL VISITORS, parents, volunteers and service personnel must check-in at the office prior to entering the school grounds between 8:15 AM and 2:45 PM. No one is allowed on campus without a pass. School and classroom visitations are available with prior approval by the teacher and principal. Visitations/observations may not exceed 30 minutes twice a year.


If your child is sent to the health office we will make him/her comfortable. Parents will be called immediately in an event of illness or serious injury. If you cannot be reached, the school will attempt to contact persons listed on your child's emergency card. Emergency response personnel will be called in life threatening circumstances.


Medication” may include, but is not limited to, over-the-counter remedies, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, topical creams and any substance dispensed by prescription. All medications, prescription or over-the-counter, require written physician instructions and written parent consent. Required forms are available in the school office. Pupils MAY NOT bring medication to school in their book bags, lunch boxes, ziploc type “baggies”, purses, and pockets or in any other carrying case. All medications will be dispensed through the health office according to the doctor’s instructions. An adult must deliver all medications to the office with the required paperwork. Parents may also come to the school office to dispense medication themselves. In this case, no physician instruction is necessary. The office recommends that parents supply an appropriate kit or Epi pen if it is required for students who have allergic reactions to insects or food items. It is also recommended that a one day supply of medications taken regularly by students is kept in the health office in case of a disaster. Medication dispensing forms will be required. All medication will be returned to the parent at the end of the school year. Students may NOT carry hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is available in the cafeteria and all classrooms.

Parents should inform the school of children with health concerns. In order to keep your child physically safe while at school, a Care Plan will be developed for students with severe or chronic health problems. The plan will be developed by the school nurse in consultation with the child’s parent and physician.


No child should arrive to school prior to 7:55 AM. There is no before school supervision prior to this time. Children must immediately enter the gated playground when arriving to school. All students are to put their belongings by their classroom door or physically hold on to them. Students are not to leave backpacks and other items on the playground since it is a safety hazard. All students are to wait on the hard court area prior to the start of school or participate in the walking program.

Supervision is provided up to 15 minutes after school to ensure a safe and orderly dismissal. All children who are walking home are expected to leave campus and go directly home. All other children should be picked-up promptly. Drivers must follow the drop-off and pick-up procedures. Your cooperation will help immensely in keeping Caryn a safe school


Caryn School has a complete hot lunch program available for all students in grades K-5 and all child care students. Students may purchase hot lunch including milk or juice daily. Personal checks are accepted and need to be made payable to the ESD Child Nutrition. Lunches may be purchased online at EZ School Pay accepts MasterCard, Visa, and debit cards. Applications for free and reduced-price lunches are available in the office throughout the year. Milk, juice, and water are available. Parents of Kindergarteners or TK who are eating lunch in the cafeteria need to notify the school prior to 9:00 AM so they can be included in the lunch count. Children may go off campus for lunch with their parent or adult listed on the emergency card with parent permission. Students must be checked-out through the school office. It is not recommended that parents eat lunch with their child; however, if a parent chooses to have lunch, they must eat with their child only on the purple benches or in the cafeteria if room permits. Parents may not bring lunch for other children. Parents are not allowed on the playground during lunch recess. Please note that during inclement weather, lunch times are changed.


The staff follows the Etiwanda School District’s Wellness Plan. The staff encourages children to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch every day. A mid-day snack may also be eaten during the child’s recess time. Teachers have classroom parties three times a year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and End-of –Year. Teachers may ask for your help in providing food. Healthy alternatives will be used when possible. Please send in only those items which are requested. Do not send additional items. Your generosity is greatly appreciated; however, large quantities or multiple sweets are not healthy for our children.


The staff would like to acknowledge each child’s birthday; however, individual birthday celebrations can not be held at school. Caryn’s policy regarding the celebration of birthdays at school is that treats will no longer be a part of student birthday celebrations. Children’s birthdays will be celebrated in class with each teacher acknowledging birthdays in a special way such as a birthday crown, singing happy birthday, allowing a child to share a special book with the class, or in another manner appropriate for their age and grade. There will continue to be opportunities for parties for other special events.

The reasons for this change in policy include health concerns and the loss of instructional time. I can imagine it does not sound like much instructional time is lost for recognizing a birthday, but when you multiply the time by 30 or more students, and that not all birthday treats sent have been modest or easy to serve, it adds up to the equivalent of one or more days of lost instruction. Several of our students have health concerns related to food, including allergies, obesity, diabetes, and sensitivities to dyes. Additionally it is not uncommon for more than one birthday treat to be delivered on the same day, resulting in two sweet treats within one day. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to keep students healthy and help them learn.


By state law, NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED on school busses or school grounds, this includes the front of the school.Parents with dogs or other animals must remain on the public sidewalk. The school appreciates it if you would not walk your dog when picking up your child since it causes an added distraction to an already congested time.


The school maintains a Lost and Found and wishes to find proper homes for lost articles. Please check the Lost and Found located outside the cafeteria. We recommend that you label all lunch boxes and items of clothing with the child's name. Unfortunately, the school collects bags of unmarked clothing and runs short of storage space. The school donates garments, which have been left, three times a year. The school is not responsible for children bringing personal belongings such as money, jewelry, cell phones, toys, games, balls, etc. These items should be left at home.


Bikes must be locked in the proper bicycle area and must be walked when on school property. Only parents can determine at what age students should be allowed to ride to and from school unsupervised. Please discuss the importance of proper bicycle safety with your children before allowing them to ride bikes to school. State Law requires bike helmets. Skateboards, rollerblades and gas-powered scooters are not prohibited on school grounds. The school requests that children do not ride scooters/razors to school, since the school lacks proper storage facilities. If a child does ride a scooter to school, the child must dismount and walk the scooter once they have arrived on the school grounds. Scooters must be stored in the bike rack. Scooters that are ridden on campus or stored improperly will be confiscated and returned to a parent.


The Caryn PTA exists to promote the education and welfare of our children. Parents are encouraged to join and participate in the activities of the PTA. Volunteers are used extensively in both school and classroom activities. We appreciate any assistance. Volunteer information is enclosed in the back-to-school information or volunteers may call the school office. All volunteers must read and sign the district’s volunteer handbook yearly and attend a one-time training meeting.


In case of an emergency, the school and district will communicate with parents through the call out school messenger system and through Newsflash (which located on our Caryn School website). We recommend that all parents sign up for Newsflash on the Caryn School website. Emergency and important school information will come immediately to your phone’s email account.


Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled after the 1st trimester. Parents or teachers may request additional conferences as the need arises. Student work and school information is sent home weekly in “Wednesday” folders for parental review and signature (Friday for kindergarteners). The district web address is and Caryn’s web site is linked. Parents may contact any teacher through the school’s web site. Parents may view their child’s grades at any time on the web using ESPRI. A secure password is required. ESPRI accounts are accessed through the ESD web site and the parent’s portal. Please contact the school if you have questions or need to set-up a conference appointment.


Final report cards will be sent home at the end of each trimester. Progress Reports are sent at the 6-week period. If a student is doing unsatisfactory work in any academic area, an unsatisfactory deficiency progress report will be sent between the sixth and tenth week of each trimester. These reports along with the child’s class grades are posted on ESPRI and can be viewed at any time. We highly recommend parents access the ESPRI account on a regular basis


Every Monday is a minimum school day. Additional minimum days are set aside during the school year. Please refer to the district calendar for dates. Minimum days are used for parent conferences, staff development, and program articulation and evaluation. Early dismissal is at 1:15 PM for grades 1-5. The kindergarten times will not be changed unless notified.


Students will visit the library weekly and may check-out two books. Students will be provided a complete set of textbooks. Students may also check-out textbook CDs for use at home for the school year. Each child is responsible for their assigned books. Parents will be held financially responsible, in the case of lost or damaged books, CDs or library books.


Homework is an essential part of the educational program. It may consist of a long term or short-term assignment that extend, reinforce or enrich the educational program. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis by the classroom teacher. General guidelines are as follows; Kindergarten 15-30 minutes per night; Grades One and Two, 30-40 minutes per night; Grade Three, 40-50 minutes per night; Grades Four and Five, 50-60 minutes per night. Class work that is not completed during the school day is not considered homework and a student may be required to complete the work at home.

Students who miss school work because of an excused absence shall be given the opportunity to complete all assignments and tests that can be reasonably provided with full credit. Students who missed work because of an unexcused absence may not have an opportunity to make up work for full or reduced credit. Teachers will assign reasonable due dates in alignment with the amount of work to be completed.


Elementary students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. Children may use the school phone for any emergency. Children assume the responsibility for adhering to the district’s policy on cell phones. Students must keep their cell phone in a secure place and not show/display it to others. Cell phones should not be used, heard or seen during the school day which includes after school while on school grounds. Students who misuse their phone will have the phone confiscated for the day. A parent will have to pick up the phone on repeated violations. Serious offenses involving use of cell phones may result in immediate consequences, including suspension.


Safety is a primary concern of the Etiwanda School District. Both walkers and drivers can help. Pedestrians must use the sidewalks and crossing lanes. Adults and children should follow the directives of the crossing guards. When driving to school, the 5 minutes before school and the 10 minutes after school are always congested. Patience is appreciated. The school relies on parents to drive safely and adhere to the school traffic flow procedures. The following procedures must be followed if we are to ensure a safe campus for our children.


  • Instruct students who walk to school to use crosswalks. Students should follow all pedestrian laws.
  • Frequently, remind your child of “stranger danger” rules. Go over the route you want your children to walk to school. Emphasize that they are to go directly to and from school and home using the predetermined route.
  • Students are NOT to go to a friend's house without parental knowledge.
  • Once at school, students may not return home without clearing it with the office.


  • Use the east entrance to Sierra Crest View Loop located nearest to Rodchester. Sierra Crest View is a loop circling by the school. Entering here avoids dangerous U-turns.
  • Enter the school southbound through the east driveway located on Sierra Crest View Loop. No left turn into driveway is allowed from 7:30 – 8:30 AM and 2:00 – 3:00 PM
  • Pull up along the yellow loading and unloading curb. Please continue as far up the lane as possible. Do not leave your car when picking up children. Do not drop off or pick up students while in the red zone on Sierra Crest View Loop. It is dangerous and illegal.
  • Kindergarten parents should park their car on the street for long periods. For short drop-offs, kinder parents may pull up and park along the yellow curb zone located by the kindergarten playground.
  • Exit through the drive and onto Vintage Drive..


  • NEVER PARK AND WAVE for your child to cross the drive to meet you. Children should NEVER cross the school drive or streets without parental assistance. When you wave, they tend not to look for oncoming dangers.
  • Do not park along red curbs or double-park.
  • The front of the school is for pick-up and drop-off only. It is a no parking area.
  • Please do not block neighbors’ driveways or mailboxes. This is especially a problem for Mt. Waverly families. The police have been called and drivers have been ticketed.
  • Please do not make U-turns on Sierra Crest View Loop. It is illegal to make a U-turn on a blind curve such as Sierra Crest View Loop.
  • When dropping off students in the morning, please have their backpacks, lunch money, notes, etc. ready so your child can exit your vehicle quickly so as not to hold up traffic.


Caryn School supports a positive school environment. Teachers recognize students in their classrooms for pro-social behavior and academic achievements. In addition, Caryn School recognizes student accomplishments during award assemblies and special events. Incentives include:

  • Walking Program - Each morning, weather permitting, students in grades 1-5 and their parents may walk laps on the playground. Laps are recorded. Students receive incentives for predetermined mile markers. The “stinky shoe” award is presented to the class with the most participation for the time period.
  • Award Assemblies – School-wide award assemblies are held every 6 weeks. Teachers honor several students who have excelled in academics, effort, improvement, citizenship, and character. Special reward “dog-tags” and certificates are presented.
  • Perfect Attendance – Each trimester, students who have no absences, no tardies, and no early dismissals, are acknowledged at an Award Assembly. Students earn a certificate and reward tag. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year receive special consideration and are remembered with a medal and certificate.
  • Accelerated Reader – Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program designed to help students select and read books in which they will be successful. Students earn points by successfully passing a computerized comprehension test specifically developed for the book. Points are determined by number of pages read, the difficulty of the text, and the comprehension level. Students earn incentive tags for predetermined point totals

Grade 1 *

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Tag 1

2 points

5 points

10 points

10 points

15 points

Tag 2

5 points

10 points

15 points

25 points

30 points

Tag 3

7 points

15 points

30 points

50 points

60 points

Tag 4

10 points

25 points

45 points

75 points

90 points

Tag 5

15 points

35 points

65 points

100 points

120 points

Tag 6

20 points

45 points

70 points

125 points

150 points

Tag 7

30 points

60 points

85 points

150 points

180 points

Tag 8

50 points

75 points

100 points

175 points

200 points

*Note: Grade 1 does not begin AR until the second trimester.

  • Honor Roll – 4th and 5th grade only. Silver G.P.A. 3.0-3.5, Gold G.P.A. 3.6-4.0 and citizenship grade of an 0 or G
  • Top Cat – 1st to 3rd grade only. Students are recognized for Excellence in Academics and in Growing Leaps and Bound.
  • Caught You Being Good – The Caryn staff likes to catch kids doing something for the school or for others. Students who go above and beyond and without motive are “Caught Being Good.” Their names are placed in a monthly raffle for small toys and pencils


Caryn has an award winning choir conducted by a talented teacher, Tina Gilfry. Choir is a voluntary organization. Caryn students in grades 2-5 may join the Cougar Choir. Students perform several times during the school year. Bus transportation is provided for performances during the school day. Parents must provide transportation during weekend or after-school events. Students practice once a week after school for one hour. Students are expected to remain for the entire practice. Student attendance is required for practices and events. Students who miss three practices and/or events are dropped from choir for the remainder of the year. Choir meets from September through March.


In order for students and staff to enjoy their time at school, respect and safety must be enforced. In order to have a safe and friendly school, we must have school wide rules. Students must be personally responsible and will be held accountable for their behaviors. Any consequence imposed on a student for not following the rules is meant to help them to attain self-discipline and to promote positive citizenship. The action taken will be fair and just. A school citation may be issued by the supervising staff member. Citations are recorded in the student’s discipline file. Citations must be signed and returned the following day. In general, students should make a habit of being considerate of other people. This will help make Caryn a safe and pleasant environment

School policies and rules are listed throughout the handbook. The following are additional practices established to provide order, productivity, and enjoyment during the school day.



  • Walk through courtyards and on ramps.
  • Students need to respect one another. Threatening or demeaning comments, name calling or swearing is prohibited.
  • All bullying behavior should be reported to a staff member immediately. (See District Policy)
  • Physical contact in aggressive ways, such as hitting, biting, kicking, pushing, is not allowed.
  • Throwing objects at others is not allowed.
  • Respect and obey all school personnel.
  • Have respect for school and personal property. Do not take things without permission or damage property.
  • Be tolerant of other viewpoints. Different opinions are encouraged; however, the disagreement should be respectful. Physical contact or name calling is never allowed.
  • Share materials and equipment, when necessary or possible.
  • We restrict the number of players for some teams and monitored this through available jerseys.
  • Be a problem solver – Use your words when solving problems, take turns, share, walk away, or tell someone.
  • Food and drinks other than water are not allowed in classroom (Teacher Discretion). Gum chewing is not permitted on campus.
  • “King of the Mountain", “Crack the Whip,” tackle football and any sort of “Tag” or rough play are prohibited.
  • Toys, electronics, skateboards are not allowed at school. Toys brought for sharing must remain in the classroom.
  • Students must go directly home after school. There is no playing on school grounds after school.
  • All Child Care students must report directly to Child Care, room 1, at the end of the school day.
  • Report problems to a staff member.
  • Cell Phone-(see District Policy)


  • Play in designated areas. Do not play or loiter in the hallways, restrooms or around classrooms.
  • Play on playgrounds and do not climb on fences, poles, walls, backstops, or banks. Balls going into restricted areas will be retrieved with permission.
  • Balls are to be used for their intended purpose. Bounce back is played only on the “ball wall.” Balls should not be sat on or thrown against classroom walls.
  • Games are restricted to specific areas of the playground and not played in other locations.
  • Game rules are followed at all times. All students share in the game.
  • School will provide all game equipment and balls. Equipment belongs to the game and not a student. Items are not brought from home.
  • Do not pick-up or throw rocks, sticks, wood chips or other items. Balls are thrown according to game rules and not directly at people.
  • Students must keep both hands on bars and climbing equipment. Death drops, swinging and sitting on top of the monkey bars are not permitted. Bars are to be shared by all students. One student at a time is allowed on the bars.
  • Students may go to the office with permission from an adult on duty or their teacher. Passes are required.
  • Students must eat snacks at the tables.
  • At the bell, students follow freeze bell procedures.


  • Students enter the cafeteria through the front and exit out the back. Students line-up outside if they are buying lunch.
  • Children are to remain seated unless excused by the adult in charge. Raise hand for dismissal.
  • Children must use appropriate table manners and speak in a normal “no shouting” tone of voice.
  • Each child is expected to clean up after him/herself.
  • Children must eat their own lunch. Sharing and exchanging of food is prohibited.
  • Children should turn in their lunch money to the office before school.
  • Dismissal from the cafeteria will begin 15 minutes after the start of the lunch period. Students are expected to eat their lunch. They will not be dismissed until some or all of their lunch is eaten.

BUS RULES: (Also see Etiwanda School District’s Parent-Student Handbook)

  • Appropriate, respectful behavior is expected on school buses at all times.
  • Follow bus driver’s directions promptly and respectfully.
  • Walk safely when approaching and leaving a bus stop. Do not stand or play in the roadway while at the bus stop.
  • Respect school and private property. Do not leave litter or damage property at your bus stop.
  • Be at the bus stop on time. Take your turn when entering or leaving the bus. Be seated promptly, remain seated and face the front of the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean. No food or animals are allowed on a bus.
  • No loud talking, teasing, scuffling, or fighting on the bus. Keep your hands, feet and all objects inside the windows at all times. Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.



The discipline policy at Caryn Elementary School is to counsel with students when a problem arises, to set limits and consequences, and alert parents if the problem continues. We utilize progressive behavioral consequences. Certain acts such as fighting and gross insubordination may result in immediate suspension of the student from school. Complete suspension and expulsion laws are discussed in Etiwanda School District’s Board Policy which can be accessed through the district’s web site at or the school will provide a copy to you at your request. The Etiwanda School District’s Parent-Student Handbook also includes important information on Education Code 48900, 48915A, 48915C. In summary, students may be suspended or expelled for the following infractions:

  1. a)Caused or attempted or threatened physical injury
  2. b)Possessed, used, sold, or furnished weapons or dangerous objects
  3. c)Possessed, used, sold, furnished or under the influence of controlled substance or alcohol intoxicant.
  4. d)Offered, arranged or negotiated sales of controlled substance, alcohol, intoxicant or look-alike substance
  5. e)Committed or attempted robbery or extortion
  6. f)Caused or attempted damage to school or private property
  7. g)Stole or attempted to steal school or private property
  8. h)Possessed or used tobacco, tobacco products, or nicotine products
  9. i)Committed obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  10. j)Possessed , offered, negotiated sale of drug paraphernalia
  11. k)Disrupted school activities or defied school personnel
  12. l)Knowingly received stolen school or private property
  13. m)Possessed imitation firearm
  14. n)Committed or attempted sexual assault or committed sexual battery
  15. o)Harassed, threatened or intimidated a student witness involved in a school disciplinary proceeding
  16. p)Offered, arranged, negotiated sale of prescription drug Soma
  17. q)Engaged in, or attempted to engage in hazing as defined in Section 245.6 of the Penal Code
  18. r)Engaged in an act of bullying including but not limited to bullying by means of an electronic act as defined in Ed Code 32261
  19. s)Aided, abetted infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury

.2) Committed Sexual Harassment (Grades 4-12)

.3) Caused, attempted, threatened or participated in act of hate violence (Grades 4-12)

.4) Intentionally harassed, threatened or intimidated students or staff (Grades 4-12)

7.) Made terroristic threats against school staff or property (all grades)

Ed Code: 48915A Ed Code: 48915C

1) Caused serious physical injury, except in self defense 1) Possessed / sold / furnished firearm

2) Possessed knife / dangerous objects 2) Brandished knife at another person

3) Possessed controlled substance, except first offense 3) Sold controlled substance

4) Committed robbery / extortion 4) Committed / attempted sexual assault or committed

sexual battery

Committed assault / battery upon school employee 5) Possessed explosive