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School Science Fair Friday, February 10, 2017 
District Science Fair Monday, February 13, 2017

Science Fair News 2016-2017:

This year there have been a few changes to the County Science Fair. The Riverside and San Bernardino Counties have split so Etiwanda is now a part of “SIM Science Fair”, rather than “RIMS”.

Please note that student pictures are great to show the process, but the county has asked that we don’t have students look directly into the camera, to avoid full face shots of students. You can also put a dot over the student’s face.
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Experimentation with Live Vertebrate Animals , Human Subjects, and Tissue Samples requires special permission: If your project involves any of these, please see the attached rules and regulations. Additional paperwork is required at the District and County level.

Click on the links below to see the following documents and slideshows.  All files were created by Mrs. Parker.


Internet resources for science fair ideas and procedures:

County Science Science and Engineering Rules and Regulations 
            Click here to see all the rules and regulations.
Science Buddies

A great site with a Topic Selection Wizard to help you get ideas for your science project, an Ask an Expertonline bulletin board, and other resources to help you do a project and be successful in science fair competitions. Check it out!

What Makes a Good Science Fair Project?

This short guide, written by a group of experienced judges for the California State Science Fair, provides guidance for students in identifying the types of projects, as opposed to their subjects, which make good science fair projects.

Super Science Fair Projects .com

With separate sections directed to students, parents, and teachers, this site has good advice for everyone. The site also attempts to be comprehensive in its coverage from selecting a project, through the final presentation to judges.

Science Fair Projects & Experiments by Branches of Science

Suggestions for science fair projects, divided by field of interest and age.

Virtual Science Fair Project of the Day

Just what it says. Each day a different project is highlighted.

All Science Fair

A growing collection of links to project ideas. Searchable.

WWW Virtual Library: Science Fairs

A list of all known science fairs with WWW sites.