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Have you heard about our Gift Card/Scrip Program?

Purchase your gift cards from Caryn and you will help keep our library up-to-date.

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Click on the link below to redirect you to a full list of Scrip Gift Cards available for purchase: Full list of Scrip - Gift Cards available for purchase - CLICK HERE Gift cards can also be ordered online. Click here to begin ordering online.


Gift Cards on hand at Caryn Elementary

Available immediately in the Caryn Office

Arco $50 Bakers $10 Denny's $10 In-n-Out $5, $10

JC Penney $25 Macy's $25

Panera $10 Red Lobster $25 Red Robin $25

Starbucks $5, $10, $25 Stater Brothers $25

Subway $5

Target $25

Walmart $25

Wendy's $10